Stroke Treatment

Stroke Treatment

What happens for people after a stroke is different for everybody. It depends on what sort of stroke a person has had and where in the brain the stroke has happened. Different people will recover in different ways. Generally, most of the recovery takes place in the first six months after a stroke. However, people can keep improving for many years. For many people, they get better as they get used to living with the changes that have happened after the stroke.

When someone has a stroke, the doctors and the team will need to work out what has happened (diagnosis). Then the team works with the person and his or her family to make sure the best recovery happens.

Stroke units provide the best treatment for acute stroke.


Specalised stroke unit care is provided by doctors. nurses and rehabilitation clinicians, such as physiotherapiStS ma coordinated and focused way. Unfortunately such units are not available at all hospitals.

When people go home after a stroke it can take some time to get used to the changes that have happened. There might be changes to how the person can move, talk, work and interact with others.

There are support services for stroke survivors when they go home. These are provided by the Department of Social Services. A booklet of such support services is available at this website


The place where you receive the next part of your care and rehabilitation will depend on a number of factors. This includes the type of stroke you have had, the way in which you have recovered from the stroke in the early stages, your general health and the wishes of you and your family.

Some people do not require further rehabilitation after their initial treatment and may go directly home. If you require ongoing rehabilitation you may receive this at another hospital, in your home or as an outpatient.